Polar bear cubs are born in a den underground.  

The mother bear makes the den for her cubs.  

She has her babies there to protect them from the cold.


     A newborn polar bear weighs 1 pound. It cannot see or hear. 

 It has very little hair.

It can fit in a humans hands.


At 1 month it grows 4 times its size. It can see and hear.

The cub cannot walk yet.


   A 2 month cub weighs 8-10 pounds.It can walk.


A 3 month cub has fur.   It is ready to go out.

It still nurses.



Mother polar bears protect and nurse their cubs.



Cubs play with their moms.  They never leave her side. 



Cubs play with each other.


Mommy polar bears protect their cubs.

The cubs stay with their mother until they are full grown. 

The mother bear teaches them to hunt food and protect themselves.

This takes about 2 years.

Then it is time to say goodbye.



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